Ride Mechanic Avaqua 750mL


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Avaqua is a multi-purpose cleaning spray and polish which leaves no streaking or residue upon evaporation.

Avaqua is a multi-purpose dewatering fluid and cleaner for use on any bike. Particularly useful on disc rotors and rim brake surfaces, to prepare surfaces for sticker and bar tape adhesion and to clean oil or grease spills. Dries rapidly after cleaning and leaves no sticky residue. Safe to use on carbon, rubber and alloy parts.

AVAQUA is an excellent cleaner and dewatering fluid which is perfect for:

Degreasing rims and disc rotors so brake pads grip and braking performance improves.
Removing moisture from the drivetrain and brake calipers.
Cleaning glasses and sunglasses
Degreasing and cleaning frame prior to applying stickers
Cleanup after a spill of lube or brake fluid.
Giving forks or shocks a final spray wipe and clean after service.
Applying to bars so grips slide easily into place and then remain in place after evaporation of the AVAQUA.