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Most objects that we see do not themselves emit visible light but reflect incident natural sunlight and artificial light.  The reflection of light can be roughly categorised into two types of reflection: specular relection is defined as light reflected from a smooth surface at a definite angle, and diffuse reflection, which is produced by rough surfaces that tend to reflect light in all directions (as illustrated below).

When a surface is first painted the surface is relatively smooth and uniform like a smooth mirror, and behaves more like specular reflection. With use, thousands of small scratches are made in the surface and with further use these are attacked by water, pollution in road grime, trail dirt and mud, sweat, electrolytes etc.  An initial scratch can be seen in the scanning electron micrograph (left) and this changes and “unzipping” of the clear-coat of the paint system can be seen (right).

Furthermore, paint coatings can age, become brittle and lose their chip resistance. All of this causes paint defects where areas of paint have been removed creating a rough surface.  More serious deep damage which breaks through the paint can weaken a frame.  Over time the once super smooth surface now looks rough under a microscope and this means that there is diffuse reflectance of light and the finish looks dull.

ZALISH is a surface active product for cleaning and coating surfaces to leave a protective film.  It has three modes of action. Firstly it has a cleaning component to remove the dirt which becomes entrapped on the surface and in the cracks. Then there is a liquid “filler” which flows over the rough surface and fills in the cracks. The third component is a resin film former which seals over the liquid filler and dries. The scratches are not removed, but the surface is smooth and will once again have better gloss properties.

Matt carbon is inherently “rough” and tends to lose its gloss quite rapidly. Using ZALISH can bring back the gloss and leave a very nice finish

Spray ZALISH directly onto a clean rag and the cleaning components in the product wipe away light dirt and grime.  To more effectively protect the surface just wipe it over with ZALISH until damp then leave to allow the formulation ingredients to create chemical bonds directly with the host surface.  This provides superior adhesion without the need for abrasive priming and extensive site preparation and can also be buffed to an immaculate shine.   The coating which ZALISH forms over the surface is hydrophobic with low critical surface tension and water tends to bead on the surface assisting with future cleaning.

ZALISH is biodegradable and suitable for use on most outdoor materials and finishes including carbon fibre, plastics and rubber.